Cloth bag types, which are environmentally friendly recyclable and are used more frequently, deserve to be the most popular product of the advertising industry. Would you like to know why tote bags, the owner of this success, are preferred? Here are the details ...

Nylon and plastic bags are in our lives for years. It is estimated that 500 billion 1 trillion nylon bags are used in the world in a year. This ratio is really scary. Have you ever wondered where all the nylon and plastic bags used go, how does nature disappear? Considering that it takes 800 years on land and 400 years in the sea for a plastic bag to completely disappear from the nature, you will see that an environmental pollution and nature massacre that we cannot ignore occurs. Affecting foods stored in plastic bags interact with very serious chemicals and threaten human health. Considering why bags and nylon are still not abandoned despite being aware of this danger, we can say that the reason for this is the low cost. Once again, human health and nature fall prey to the cost calculation.

With the laws passed in recent years, we have started to remove plastic bags from our lives gradually.In some countries, laws are imposed on the use of plastic bags in order to reduce the harm of plastic bags to nature and human health. Now our country is Turkey also began using cloth bags COUGAR the grocery chain, which does not occur in nature. With the enacted law, these bags are given to the user for a fee, thus it is seen that the use of bags is reduced.

A thermoplastic called Polyethylene is used in the production of plastic bags. This petroleum-derived polyethylene is a substance harmful to the environment, nature and human health. Foods stored in plastic bags lose their nutritional value after a long time and are also affected by harmful substances in the bag. It takes centuries for these produced plastic bags to disappear from nature, as we mentioned above.

Chemicals that plastic bags come into contact with for all these centuries also pass to the seas and the soil, reducing the productivity and quality of living life and soil. These chemicals reaching the soil affect human health directly by passing through the seeds. The harmful gases released during the disposal of plastic bags cause great damage to the environment.

In order to make the world more livable, we must prevent environmental pollution. We can start this by changing our daily habits. We can create a great awareness by minimizing the use of plastic bags that we encounter in almost every aspect of our life. It has been proved that when everyone uses only 2 less bags per week, 100 bags per year are not thrown away, thus less waste is produced.

It is best to use cloth bags to leave a better environment and a quality world to future generations. Cloth bags are produced either from 100% cotton material soluble in natural environment or from anti-bacterial and recyclable material, depending on the raw materials used in production. In the printing of cloth bags and packages with eco-friendly labels; Traditional root dyes, water-based dyes, textile dyes determined not to be harmful to health are used. Cloth bags are washed and used for many years. It is not disposable like plastic bags. Most of all; 'Cloth bags  are environmentally friendly and recyclable'.