The recycling of the wastes, which have the possibility of re-evaluation, into physical and chemical processes and converted into secondary raw materials is called recycling. In other words, we can define waste materials as re-manufacturing processes as raw materials with various recycling methods. The purpose of recycling; is to prevent unnecessary use of resources and to minimize the amount of waste garbage by separating waste at the source.

We can list the benefits of recycling.

Provides protection of natural resources.
It helps us save energy.
Recycling helps us to invest in the future and the economy.
Garbage wastes that will harm human health are prevented.
Recyclable wastes reduce the amount of garbage in the landfills, preventing them from expanding and multiplying.
The personnel needed in the collection and recycling stages of recycling wastes are important in terms of reducing unemployment in countries with high unemployment rates.
Various organic materials in the garbage can be treated as agricultural fertilizer again.