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Ultrasonic Bonding Cloth Bag - SilifkeTurn back

  • Interlining bag fabric nonwoven fabric
  • Interlining bag width 32 cm and height 35 cm
  • Interlining bag bellows, bottom and sides 22 cm
  • Interlining bag handle length is short.
  • Interlining bags are produced in 3D using ultrasonic bonding technique.
  • Interlining bag printing can be made with double side and gusset offset printing.
  • The number of sewing and production of interlining bags is minimum 1000 pieces.

This type of recycle bag mostly made from 65-80 g non-woven fabric and it is sealed by the thermal heat generated from the ultrasonic machine, so it is also known as thermal bonding recycle bag. As there is no sewing thread for the bag, so there should be no broken thread and it saves time for mass production

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