Promotional Bag - FustTurn back

  • Promotional bag fabric 100 gr Non woven interlining
  • Promotional bag width 50 cm height 39 cm
  • Promotional bag Bellows 10 cm
  • Promotional bag handle with shoulder strap
  • Promotional bag Promotional Bag printing CMKY Offset
  • The production quantity starts from a minimum of 500 pieces and continues as 1000, 5000, 10 000 pieces and above.


Promotional bags are produced entirely from environmentally friendly fabrics. Promotional bags with printed and unprinted production possibilities are at the top of the promotion sector with their affordable cost, elegance, ease of use and quality.
The bags produced in different colors and models with their rich fabric options can be brought to the forefront with the printing techniques applied. Printing options, Screen printing, Silk screen printing, Offset printing, Transfer printing, Digital printing are used. Edge piping, bellows, handles and various accessories compatible with printing colors increase the perfection of the promotional bag. Thus, the advertisement desired to be emphasized reaches a more eye-catching level.

Promotional bags, which have a wide range of uses, are among the most demanded products of fairgrounds, conferences, openings and panels. You can add value to your value by bringing your company and corporate logo to many people and companies with promotional bags. We are at your service with our wide range of products such as cloth bag, raw cloth bag, interlining bag, promotional bag, drawstring backpack, laminated bag, cloth shoe bag and raw cloth pouch.

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