Laminated Toy Bag Turn back

  • Laminated bag fabric 100 gr Interlining Non woven glossy transparent laminated
  • Laminated bag Large: Width 36 cm height 37 cm
  • Laminated bag Medium: Width 26 cm height 31 cm
  • Laminated bag Small Size: Width 20 cm height 29 cm
  • Laminated bag front side with PVC window
  • Laminated bag with thick teeth zipper
  • Laminated Bag Printing Board Printing
  • Laminated bag sewing and production starts from a minimum of 500 pieces and continues as 1000, 5000, 10,000 pieces and above.

Get toys well-organized: use the toy organization bags to collect and store almost all toys, game pieces, and crafts that are strewn around the house or play area, get bath toys, puzzle sets, crafts, games or other odd items in order

Best quality brand cloth bags from manufacturer.

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