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  • Laminated bag fabric canvas coated with dark silver bulk lamination
  • Laminated bag width 44 cm and height 34 cm
  • Laminated Bag Bellows 15 cm from the bottom
  • Laminated bag with bottom and inside piping
  • Laminated bag one side Silk screen printed
  • Laminated bag handle length 70 cm
  • Laminated bag production starts from a minimum of 1000 pieces and continues as 5000, 10,000 pieces and above.

Laminated bags produced by stitched or ultrasonic methods are prepared from PP non-woven fabric.

The prints applied to laminated bags, which have matte and glossy appearance alternatives, do not easily deform and wear out.

Best quality multipurpose cloth bags from manufacturer .Our all cloth bags are eco friendly .

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