Cloth bags, which have a wide usage area, are also indispensable in the promotional sector. Cloth bags produced in different models, sizes and colors can be made more mobile with printing options. As printing options, screen printing, offset printing, digital printing, silk screen printing are used. Colorful sewing threads, small pockets, various accessories are added to cloth bags with long and short handles, making your ads and slogans look more remarkable.

Long-lasting and useful cloth bag is the most popular advertisement material of conferences, seminars, openings, panels and fairs.

The cloth bag, which meets all kinds of needs with its printed and unprinted options, can be used as an advertising material for your company or as a very stylish accessory that can carry your materials on the beaches on sunny summer days.


Cloth bags, which are sewn and manufactured from cloth, are prepared from different fabrics and different sizes according to the area of ​​use. In line with the demands and requests of customers and end users, the most commonly used fabric types for fabric bag sewing are raw cloth, gabardine fabric, rips fabric, canvas fabric, nonwoven fabric and jute fabric. Cloth bags, which have recently become fashionable with different printing types to be printed on both due to environmental factors and economic reasons, appeal to people from all walks of life and are the most preferred products, especially by many companies and institutions, as well as promotional and advertising products. is located between. It would not be wrong to say that the usage rate will increase day by day compared to other bags in terms of both usage and price.


Raw cloth bag:

Since the raw cloth bag, which is sewed from raw cloth fabric, is made of raw fabric, it is very environmentally friendly and very valuable for health. At the same time, it is offered to consumers with different varieties. It can also be printed on raw cloth bag types, which can be sewn in different weights and different sizes as short and long handle. The raw cloth bag on which we can print your company's logo is a kind of bag that can be used as a promotional bag, fair bag, opening seminar bag and promotional bag, at an affordable price and high carrying capacity.

Gabardine Cloth Bag:

Gabardine fabric, which is used in the clothing sector, is frequently demanded and used in the cloth bag sector because it is resistant to water with its durable structure, thick and dense weaving structure, does not contain polyester in its content, and does not require ironing, especially since it does not wrinkle during use.

Canvas Bag:

It is a type of linen fabric with the same front and back side, thick and dense texture. Canvas fabrics have a certain point structure. It has a thicker and fuller stance than normal fabric. It is a very durable and durable fabric. The most common usage places are oil paintings. One of the areas where it is used is the promotion sector. It is an advertising product with canvas fabric legs, which is frequently used in making cloth bags. Canvas bags, which can be made even more flamboyant by printing on them, can be easily used in openings, fairs, seminars. When printed on canvas fabric type, it gives a much more vivid image than other types of fabric. Therefore, it is a material preferred by brands as a promotional product. In addition, it can be used as a decoration tool by printing in various styles, it can also be used as a wall painting by wrapping around pulleys.

Rips Cloth Bag:

Rips is a shiny surface fabric with a stick-like texture that runs side by side on its surface and runs in series throughout the fabric. Its texture is a little less sparse than gabardine and canvas fabrics, but its surface is smoother. The prints printed on it look more vivid. Rips tote bags, which offer a very effective and stylish use that you can advertise your company, are thicker than raw tote bags.

Interlining Bag (nonwoven interlining bag):

Interlining is also a type of fabric that is used in the clothing industry and has different varieties. Woven interlining, knitted interlining, nonwoven interlining is the type of interlining fabric preferred in the cloth bag sector, which is non-woven interlining, which is a nonwoven interlining fabric. One of the other usage areas of the interlining bag, which is frequently used in the food and food sector, is its use as a pharmacy bag and a shopping bag.

Our company, which is aware of leaving a more livable future to future generations by becoming a habit of using cloth bags instead of plastic bags and bags with the slogan Love Nature Use Cloth Bags, always prioritizes quality and durability in cloth bag sewing and manufacturing.

We are at your service with our focus on customer satisfaction at very reasonable prices in wholesale cloth bag sewing and manufacturing.