Cloth Bag Ultrasonic Bonding BagTurn back

  • Bag fabric White Interlining Non woven
  • Bag Ultrasonic 3D
  • Bag width 38 cm height 45 cm
  • Bag bellows bottom and sides 10 cm
  • Bag handle length short hand-held white color
  • Offset Printed Bag Printing Double Sides and Bellows
  • The minimum production quantity is 2000 pieces


Non Woven interlining cloth bag is completely nature friendly.In 100% natural interlining cloth bag can be destroyed in a short time like 1 year without damaging the nature. Besides its antibacterial properties, it has high carrying capacity with its breathable, waterproof and durable structure. Non woven is the most compatible material to humanity.
Interlining cloth bags, according to customer demand in the desired fabric color, size, can be produced in different models. Printed bags, offset printing, digital printing, silk screen printing, transfer printing can be made on the produced bags. Interlining bags that you can use in many areas of your daily life, fairs, meetings, openings, seminars, panels are the most cost-effective among promotional bags. Non woven interlining bags are an attractive advertising material due to their long life.
With interlining bags, you can add value to your company and corporate logo by reaching many people and companies.

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