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  • Interlining bag fabric 120 gr Interlining nonwoven fabric
  • Interlining bag width 39 cm height 44 cm
  • Interlining bag bellows 15 cm
  • Black interlining bag with bias tape and grips
  • Interlining bag with piping and stitching
  • Interlining bag printed with offset printing
  • Interlining bag sewing and production starts at a minimum of 500 units.                                                              



The raw material of tote bags, which are completely friendly to nature, is cotton and produced according to recycling. Using environmentally friendly products and giving importance to recycling play a major role in the quality of human life. Water-based and traditional root-dyed cloth bags do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to human health, so it is important that they become widespread.

Nowadays, when natural resources are rapidly disappearing, turning to plastic bags instead of plastic bags is a step that cannot be underestimated for humanity. Due to the use of plastic bags that are banned in thousands of countries, environmental pollution has been significantly reduced.

Cloth bags with wide usage area are also indispensable for promotion sector. Cloth bags produced in different models, sizes and colors can be made more active with printing options. Printing options include screen printing, offset printing, digital printing, silk screen printing. Cloth bags with long and short handle options add colorful sewing threads, small pockets and various accessories to make your ads and slogans look more attractive.

Long-lasting and useful tote bags are the most popular advertising material for conferences, seminars, openings, panels and fairs.

You can add value to your company by delivering your company and corporate logo to a large number of people and companies with eco-friendly tote bags. wide range of products at your service.

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