Metehan Bez Çanta manufacturing facilities are located in Istanbul and we pruduct and distribution cloth bag to Turkey and all over the world. Metahn Bez Çanta ais progressing confidently towards becoming a brand leader thanks to you our valued customers. Metehan Cloth  Bag is having a great arbiter  in the cloth bag sector with its customer-oriented structure and innovative production approach that values ​​people and is always going forward with its distinguished customers. In many countries in Turkey and countries of the world, nylon bags, which are restricted or completely banned, are quickly replaced by cloth bags. With the use of cloth bags, you will take a step towards leaving a more livable world to future generations by using nature-friendly cloth bags, contributing to both the country and your own economy. Our long-lasting and completely healthy products are produced with the guarantee of Metehan Bez Çanta, which never compromises its quality. Cloth bags are designed and manufactured according to the ease and taste of our customers with alternative and rich fabric options in production. At the same time, they carry your brand as an advertising material on the beaches, conferences, seminars, meetings, schools, shopping wherever the bag is briefly. The cloth bag is one of the best advertising materials with its long-lasting usage feature and visual richness. You can contact us for our wholesale cloth bag sales.

You Dream, We Do. Love Nature Use Cloth Bag.

Our manufacturing site is located in Istanbul Esenler'deki quality cloth bags and cloth bags we do the planting with affordable prices we send all over Turkey. Some types of fabrics we use in sewing cloth bags in our manufacturing;

Raw Cloth Fabric ; It is the name given to unprocessed fabrics. Fabric is called any type of structure obtained by the combination of textile fibers to form a smooth surface and a thin texture of constant thickness. Fabric comes first among the materials that will make up the product in textile. The selected fabric and the auxiliary material to be used in the product must be technologically compatible. Cloth bags, which are sewn with this fabric type, which is completely natural and 100% cotton, do not contain any additives, so they have no negative effects on human health.

Nonwoven fabric (interlining fabric); It is a technical textile material that is produced only for special uses, knitted or non-woven, and its cost is very low depending on the duration of use. This special product is a product known for its antibacterial structure that can absorb liquid, push liquid, strong, flexible, soft, tense, fire retardant, filtering, and resistant to bacteria.

Jute fabric (cross stitch fabric) ; It is a robust and long-lasting fabric type produced from fiber plants that grows 2-4 m high in tropical regions. Very stylish and designer bag models can be made with jute fabric, which is widely used for cloth bag sewing.

Woven fabrics ; It is the name of the fabric obtained as a result of the process of forming fabric by passing the threads perpendicular and parallel to each other. Gabardine fabric, canvas fabric, coton fabric, alpaca fabric, linen fabric are the most preferred types.

In addition, the fabrics used in the sewing of cloth bags above are completely suitable for recycling. Do not use plastic-containing bags to leave a more livable world to future generations on this road that we set out with the slogan of at least one cloth bag in every home. Using cloth shopping bags instead of plastic shopping bags, which we frequently use in shopping, will provide a great benefit to the environment, humanity and our economy.


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Environment friendly

Environmentally friendly raw cloth bags are produced from 100% cotton. Our mission is to adopt a lifestyle that is sensitive to nature and to leave a livable world to future generations.


Natural Materials

Water-based and traditional root-dyed cloth bags do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to human health, so it is important to spread their use. Thanks to its tight fabric and cottony structure, it does not fade or grow when washed.

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The raw gland does not contain any carcinogenic substances. Environmentally friendly. In addition to its antibacterial properties, it has a high carrying capacity with its breathable, waterproof and durable structure. Raw cloth is the most compatible material to humanity.

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Cloth bags that can carry weight easily can be very durable and quality. The rugged bags with their wide usage area make our lives easier in shopping and in many other areas.

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If you are a friend of nature, your choice should be recycled 100% natural Cloth Bag. We should not forget that natural resources are not endless and should be used carefully. We should support recycling both individually and as a corporate company.

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It is washed and ironed in reverse at 25 and 30 degrees. Raw cloth bag is an indispensable promotional product of daily life, fairs, conferences, openings, and shopping thanks to its air permeable feature, easy usage and long life.


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